Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS PDM Yourself? Start Here

Article by GoEngineer on Jul 27, 2020

Upgrading PDM yourself? First thing to do is to read through and understand the upgrade process in the provided installation/upgrade guide link below. It is highly recommended to do this days before the upgrade. Should you come up with questions after reading the installation guide, call us and let’s clear things up for you before upgrading any SOLIDWORKS system. Below is the link to SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020 installation/upgrade guide. Note that after you click on the link, you can change the year number of the link in your web browser to get whichever year you are interested in:

Click Here

1. Check system requirements, ensure the infrastructure is appropriate for the upgrade.

2. Upgrade your SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) Server first. This way, your licenses are ready to be acquired by your newly upgraded PDM client and SOLIDWORKS CAD:

  • How to upgrade SolidNetwork License Manager (SNL) Server:
  • Click Here
  • Ensure that you re-activate the licenses in your SNL Server:
  • Click Here
  • Note that after upgrading your SNL Server, it can still provide licenses for previous versions. This means that the upgrade for your SNL server can take place days before other systems are upgraded. It’s easier when you partition upgrades.

3. Upgrade PDM before upgrading SOLIDWORKS CAD. By this step you should have a clear understanding on what you need to do. If not, stop and call us!! We want to make sure you are well equipped for your own upgrade.

  • Support: 1-888-559-6167

4. After PDM server components and first client are upgraded, upgrade your vaulted toolbox following the instructions in the provided PDM installation guide.

  • There are many ways to perform the upgrade of a vaulted toolbox. However, the process documented in the installation guide is one that works. If there are issues, that process can be “undone” with an Undo-Checkout. Send issues our way.


  • This does not have to be in the same day as PDM upgrade. However, many organizations upgrade PDM and SOLIDWORKS the same day.
  • If you have many SOLIDWORKS CAD machines to upgrade, you may want to consider setting up an Admin image
  • Test! Start with one client system, make sure that one client system is running OK. Chances are afterwards that the other client systems will run fine after their upgrade.

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