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SOLIDWORKS Electrical Sep 25, 2020
Do you want to add watermarks in your electrical prints? How about a rubber stamp for Proprietary, As Built, or Final Build to show only when you are ready to release drawings? This can easily be attained inside of SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic with just a slight adjustment to the title blocks. To accomplish this, a layer needs to be created for each rubber stamp or watermark that is wanted on the drawing set.
Serial numbers are used in SOLIDWORKS PDM to automatically generate a number series. This is a great way for PDM to generate a number to use for parts, assemblies, and drawings numbers. Each series of numbers can be customized for each type of file. PDM can be set up to automatically generate the number and to use this number as the file name.
Back in February, we shared a sneak peek at new features and capabilities that were likely to be released in SOLIDWORKS 2021. We’re excited to share not only what made the cut, but everything new across the entire SOLIDWORKS portfolio.
Altair Manufacturing Sep 18, 2020
Altair Inspire Cast is a fast, easy, accurate, and affordable simulator for early casting feasibility and process development; it’s a tool that allows you to create a metal casting such as aluminum and steel and incorporate an assortment of different components to run trial and error tests. The setup for a casting process inside of Altair Inspire Cast contains five steps. Learn how to perform a simulation and choose components here.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Sep 17, 2020
The sink mark prediction tool in SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a potent tool in predicting sink mark locations and how deep the sink mark will end up being. In this article, I will show how to find and reduce sink marks that tend to form in injection molds at rib locations.
Want to create a custom part from a Toolbox item, but SOLIDWORKS is still showing the toolbox flag in the Feature Tree? That’s because it’s still linked to the Toolbox part! Here’s how to permanently break that link and dissociate it from the original file.
New SOLIDWORKS users may be wondering what files should be used, when those files should be used, and when should they be doing what. In this article, we'll go over some SOLIDWORKS basics - let's start with terminology.
When a Stratasys 3D printer receives a SOLIDWORKS file with overlapping or touching geometry, it will print the two or more parts together as if they were one component. That is not ideal for a real-life moving assembly with separate components that articulate against one another. In this article, we share some insights for what to expect when you design an assembly in SOLIDWORKS and 3D print it on an FDM 3D printer.
This guide will walk you through the process of installing SOLIDWORKS Manage in a client computer. A server installation must have been complete and a configuration file created. For the client to successfully connect to the Manage server, a floating license must also be available.