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Want to create a custom part from a Toolbox item, but SOLIDWORKS is still showing the toolbox flag in the Feature Tree? That’s because it’s still linked to the Toolbox part! Here’s how to permanently break that link and dissociate it from the original file.
J. Michael McCarthy of University of California Irvine (UCI) teaches a course focused on the design of walking machines. These walking machines have a lot of components and mates, so simulating them using SOLIDWORKS Motion Analysis can be a huge performance “hog”. In this article, we show a technique that is used to simplify assemblies and make this hog run fast.
When comparing SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go next to Copy Tree, they don't seem very different at face value. Both have the option to save files to a new location while adding prefixes or suffixes and include drawings, simulation results, and keep the folder structure.
To specificity how a part is bent for the part to function correctly in SOLIDWORKS, we need to create something commonly called a “Process Plan Drawing”. Follow these steps to create an efficient drawing to communicate the part as it is meant to be used.
Have you ever upgraded SOLIDWORKS and started receiving file location errors? Maybe your templates are invalid, or you see <MOD-DIA> instead of the diameter symbol? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to find missing file locations in SOLIDWORKS.
A Circular Reference in SOLIDWORKS can occur when two or more assembly components share an external reference. Here's How to find a circular reference and tips for fixing the issue.
Trailing Zeroes can be customized in SOLIDWORKS for Dimensions, Tolerances, and Properties. In my example, I have created a drawing on a widget and would now like to control the trailing zeroes. My drawing is set to two decimal places for the dimensions and four for tolerances. Here are the different results for the Dimension and Tolerance settings.
While working on projects in SOLIDWORKS, I sometimes find myself in the situation where I’m creating multiple parts that combine to make a whole. Over the course of my experiences, I have seen a few approaches to this.
With the release of SOLIDWORKS 2019, a new option called ‘Include specified components’ has been added for saving an assembly as a part. Formerly, when saving an assembly as a part, the only options available were to Include all components, Exterior components, or Exterior faces. This new option now allows the user to specify which components are included in, or excluded from, the SLDPRT.