Network and Educate with Other SOLIDWORKS Users


SOLIDWORKS User Groups are a valuable resource to all members of the SOLIDWORKS community

  • Learn more about SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS related products.
  • Better educate yourself on how SOLIDWORKS can be used.
  • Network with your peers.
  • Share experiences and technical presentations to help provide you and your company with valuable, real-world techniques and methodologies.
  • Give-away’s, food, and refreshments usually provided for each meeting.

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Wed, Oct 21, 2020 3pm-6pm CDT

In our first presentation, Heather Hasz from DriveWorks is going to be presenting on DriveWorksXpress. DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool that comes pre-installed with every version of SolidWorks. If you find yourself often using Pack and Go, or Copy Tree for PDM users, this is definitely something you are going to want to see. DriveWorks will also be providing five pizza gift cards to give away!

For our second presentation, Jesse Butwinick from the Southern Colorado User Group will be repeating a presentation he did at 3DExperience World 2020, AKA SolidWorks World, covering everything you need to know about customizing the SolidWorks user interface. You will learn how to reduce the clutter, optimize your designing workflow, and make SolidWorks your own.


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Thu, Oct 22, 2020 5pm CDT

"STUMP THE CHUMPS!"Episode 3 Interactive Virtual SolidWorks User Group Help Desk

We know you're missing out on getting together with your SWUG friends, and that webinars and "virtual meetings" can only go so far. In response to this, SWUG leaders across the country are going to attempt a brand new type of meeting, one that's run by YOU! User Group members who participate will get have the opportunity to present their current SolidWorks problems and roadblocks to a panel of experts - plus the wider community - who will help resolve the issues, impart their wisdom, and even throw in a few tips and tricks along the way.
This unscripted meeting is uniquely suited for the virtual landscape, as attendees will be able to present their specific issues on-screen to a large audience, and still interact with their colleagues.

David Antanavige – LISWUG
Eric Beatty – SASPUG
Todd Blacksher – SWUGONE
Daniel Herzberg – BostonSWUG
Glen Lepage – CMA-SWUG
Kameron Smith – APGSWUG

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Wed, Oct 28, 2020 5pm CDT

Do Your Downstream Processes for Manufacturing and CNC Programming Need a Boost?

Join us - you won't be disappointed when we show you the many advantages that the 3DEXPERIENCE platform has to offer for your downstream processes as it relates to manufacturing and CNC programming.

About Mike: Mike’s passion is manufacturing and automation, coupled with helping others realize their full potential. Notable milestones: Elite AE, Author CAMWorks Handbook, CNC programmer/operator (Mills/Lathes, CMM, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, Router).

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Tue, Nov 17, 2020 5pm-8pm CDT

Join us for a look at a pilot project where "Cloud meets Desktop". Components and assemblies for Omax's newest generation of waterjet machinery, designed with SOLIDWORKS on the desktop, are handed off to engineering technicians to build and test new designs using apps from the 3DCreator and Business Collaborator roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Presented by: Eric Beatty

Trees of Blood: We have all been there: we make a necessary change to a design, and the feature tree “blows-up” with rebuild errors. This session covers how to quickly and painlessly repair rebuild errors in part models by understanding why they happen and discussing tips, tricks, and techniques to repair them fast without ever having to delete and recreate anything. Presented by: Ed Eaton


User Group Name
Birmingham, AL Central Alabama SWUG Joel Gilbert
Huntsville, AL North Alabama SWUG Ricky Jordan   or   Brian McElyea
Tucson, AZ Tucson SOLIDWORKS User Group Bill Schoening   or   Neil Mills
Bakersfield, CA Kern County SWUG Mathew Stevenson
Fountain Valley, CA Orange County SWUG Gabriel Corbett
Fresno, CA Fresno SWUG Jose Saldana
Mountain View, CA California Tech Hub SWUG Edward Gilbert
Oakland, CA Laney College SWUG Elise Moss
Sacramento, CA Sacramento SWUG Tom Davis
San Diego, CA San Diego SWUG Phil Sluder
Sunnnyvale, CA Silicon Valley SWUG Brian Titus
West Covina, CA Mount San Antonio SWUG Rhiannon Britney
Panama City Beach, FL Panama City Beach SWUG Kendra Wardlow
Boise, ID Treasure Valley SolidWorks User Group Ryan Okelberry, P.E.   or   Blake Young
Elkhart, IN Northern Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group Peggy Frantz   or   Dennis Ralston
Indianapolis, IN Central Indiana SOLIDWORKS User Group Michael Bridges   or   Bill Fletcher
Wichita, KS South Central Kansas SOLIDWORKS User Group Eric Spurgeon
Lafayette, LA Lafayette SWUG Steve Andrepont
New Orleans/Baton Rouge, LA New Orleans/Baton Rouge SWUG Bobby Moore or Joe Rowsey
Holland, MI West Michigan Lakeshore SOLIDWORKS User Group Jake Vlietstra   or   Michael Falik
Monroe, MI Southeast Michigan/Northwest Ohio SOLIDWORKS User Group Dean R. Kerste, Ph.D., CSWE   or   Mike Reaume
Rochester Hills, MI Eastern Michigan SOLIDWORKS User Group Dan Bovinich
Duncan, OK Red River SWUG Lee Brown
Oklahoma City, OK Oklahoma City SWUG John Watkins
Tulsa, OK Tulsa SWUG Patrick O’Hern
Chattanooga, TN Chattanooga SWUG Nicole Walden
Nashville, TN Music City SWUG Rudy Ottway
Austin, TX Central Texas SWUG Steve Calvert
Corpus Christi, TX Corpus Christi SWUG Shane Vest
Houston, TX Houston SWUG Joe Lance or Lanny Kwan
Richardson, TX North Texas SWUG Thomas Allsup
San Antonio, TX San Antonio SWUG James Lowery
Salt Lake City, UT Northern Utah SWUG Chad Clarke



Don’t see a SWUGN listed near you? Visit   here   for more locations.

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