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Simulation is a computer-based technique for testing products using software. SIMULIAworks is a brand of simulation tools that allow users to evaluate the structural performance of their designs using the world-renowned ABAQUS solver for Finite Element Analysis (FEA). Analysts and designers have the ability to perform static and dynamic analyses to predict the behavior and maximize the lifecycle of their products. With collaborative tools available on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, users can now work with native SOLIDWORKS geometry in this ABAQUS Simulation environment.

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The structural simulation roles in the SIMULIAworks portfolio provide implicit and explicit nonlinear analysis tools from ABAQUS. These help test your designs against real-world loading conditions. Nonlinear analysis integrates large structural deformations, complex material properties, and multi-point contact simulation to estimate product strength. Check out the features that make this the premier analysis tool in the market today.


The Structural Performance Engineer(SPE) role provides the Implicit structural simulation solver powered by ABAQUS/Standard to the SOLIDWORKS community. It provides advanced nonlinear finite element analysis and cloud-based storage and computation on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. ABAQUS is the gold standard when it comes to complex material models with the ability to define data for creep, strain-hardening, hyper-elasticity, and damage.


 Ball Bearings



In addition to the implicit analysis capabilities, the Structural Mechanics Engineer(SME) role provides the Explicit solver, powered by ABAQUS/Explicit, to simulate highly nonlinear static and dynamic structural analyses. Drop testing, crash safety, impact, forming, random vibration, and fracture are only a few situations where this powerful solver is employed in an industry to enhance the product development and validation process.


 Metal Forming
 Crash Testing
 Advanced Gear Design




The leader in computer-aided engineering software, Dassault Systèmes introduces the power of ABAQUS/CAE to the toolkit of the everyday SOLIDWORKS user and analyst. It seamlessly tackles highly non-linear structural analysis problems without any computational effort.

Hex Meshing

Utilize the advanced meshing capabilities to generate high-quality Quadrilateral (Quad) and Hexahedral (Hex) elements for any geometry. The mesh can be extruded, swept, and refined locally with the inbuilt meshing tools to optimize your analysis for speed and accuracy.

General Contact

Take advantage of the native ABAQUS contact detection technology using General Contact to automatically simulate the interaction between multiple components. This is useful to analyze scenarios involving multiple interacting components and collapsing structures making a lot of self-contact without the need for breaking components up into their contact surfaces.

Transparent Workflow

With three different toolbars for guidance, users have multiple indicators to avoid analysis errors driven by missing inputs. The specification tree, action bar, and the assistant panel provide a simple workflow to get from setup to simulation.

Cloud Computing

While solving on local hardware is available by default, the 3DEXPERIENCE platform enables users to expand their computing resources by providing access to virtual resources. Take advantage of high-speed local and cloud computing capabilities to speed up your analysis and improve solve times.

Engineering Synergy

Users can now work together in a collaborative environment to share design ideas, simulation results, and establish a workflow for their product development process. For instance, the Simulation Review application can be used to access simulation results by permitted users on any touch-enabled device.

Material Calibration

Defining the right material properties is essential to performing structural analysis. The Material Calibration app enables users to systematically determine the properties from material testing data to ensure an accurate simulation model. Users should note that this app is only available with the Structural Mechanics Engineer role.

SIMULIA, a Dassault Systèmes brand, delivers realistic simulation applications (such as ABAQUS) that enable users to explore the real-world behavior of product, nature, and life. SIMULIAworks is SIMULIA technology on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
No. The simulation roles are not browser-based. While the simulation results can be viewed on the browser with the 3DPlay app, performing the analysis requires separate software installation.
By default, the models and the simulation results are stored on the 3DEXPERIENCE tenant (or the cloud). That means that you and your colleagues can access your simulation data, material,
results from anywhere at any time. Users can also choose to store only the results on the local hard drive.

All roles on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform are available as a Quarterly Service Contract (QSC) or as a
Yearly Service Contract (YSC).

Yes. The 3D Component designer role allows users to save and manage SOLIDWORKS geometry on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform directly from SOLIDWORKS. There is full associativity between the SOLIDWORKS CAD and the SIMULIA simulation model both saved and managed on the platform. Direct import of SOLIDWORKS files is also supported.

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