How to Remove the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox Flag

Article by GoEngineer on Sep 15, 2020

Want to create a custom part from a Toolbox item, but SOLIDWORKS is still showing the toolbox flag in the Feature Tree? That’s because it’s still linked to the Toolbox part! Here’s how to permanently break that link and dissociate it from the original file.

solidworks toolbox item

Save Your Part

Before making any changes to the part, we need to save it. This way, we have a distinct part file that we can divorce from the original part. 

removing the toolbox flag in solidworks

Run the SOLIDWORKS Executable “sldsetdocprop.exe”

Browse to the <install directory>\toolbox\data utilities folder and locate the executable file “sldsetdocprop.exe”. A typical file path will look something like this: “C:\Program Files\SOLIDWORKS Corp 2020\SOLIDWORKS\Toolbox\data utilities.” When you find it, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator.”

running the solidworks executable

Change the Property State to “No”

Now we need to tell SOLIDWORKS that this is OUR part. In the dialog box that’s opened, set “Property state” to “No.” Now, select “Add Files…” and browse to the part file you created. This is the setting that breaks the link.

set document property screen

Update the Status

Now that we have the right file and setting selected, we need to click “Update Status” to make the changes permanent.

set document property update status

Verify That it Worked

You should be all set, but if you want to make sure it worked, just select the file in the same dialog box and click “Show Selected Property.”

show seelcted property

You’re All Set! The feature tree should now show a part icon as opposed to the toolbox icon.

feature tree show a part icon

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